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may 2020


february 2017


Cita has started

For many years Eric wanted to restore furniture. After finishing the required training he wanted to start and then... we bought a new house. This house offered the opportunity to build a workshop and office next to our home. It had been a massive amount of work. Now a little over 5 years later the workshop and office are finished. All the major rebuilding work at the house is also finished. Eric finally can put all his energy and focus into his own company: Cita Furniture Restoration!

december 2012


Happy Holidays!

We haven't send Christmas presents and cards this year. We've donated the money to the WWF project for giant panda in China and we've supported a local initiative to build a shelter for homeless rodents. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a positive and optimistic 2013. We hope to meet you in 2013!

june 2012


New address

We have a new address!

Our new office is not yet ready, but we've sold our old office. From June 20th 2012 our new address will be: Koningsweg 7, 3743 ET Baarn, The Netherlands. Our other contact details stay the same.

september 2010



In addition to psychometric models like the Myers Brigges Type Indicator we use a selection of different other models. We would like to recommend Flow, the psychology of optimal experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. For each individual or team you can experience Flow when there is an optimal balance between challenge and support. These are the moments when everything fits and things seem to work by itself. Each sportsman knows the experience, but we also recognise the experience in the workplace.  You can read in the book or experience in our programs how you can spend more time in Flow. If you don't have the time to read the book, you can get a summary of the book by sending us an email.

december 2009


april 2009


Engaging Leadership

Our colleagues Didier Marlier and Chris Parker have summarized the experience of our network Mobilizing Teams International in their book 'Engaging Leadership', Three Agendas for Sustaining Achievement. The book is written in an unorthodox style with lots of pratical and real life examples. The idea of the book is not new because Aristotle already advised to make sure your Logos (your strategy) is in line with your Ethos (your behaviour) and well grounded in your Pahtos (your emotion and passion). What is new is the numerous tools to apply this old wisdom in your leadership practise. A book that needs to be in your luggage for the upcoming May or summer break. If you agree, please contact us. For more information visit:

august 2008


Hippos to Gazelles

Recently our colleague Tony Page wrote his story about his experience with a complicated and large change process in Africa. He has used a fable which is to us is an enlightening way of storytelling in a business context. The book contains lots of practical examples and techniques for people who are involved in change processes. If you are interested in the book ‘From Hippos to Gazelles, How Leaders create Leaders, Philip Goodwin & Tony Page’, please contact us.



If you like the MBTI and you enjoy sport, then the following book is highly recommended :

Totaalcoachen, begeleiden met Action Type, J. Huijbers & Paul Murphy, Arko Sports Media BV, ISBN10: 9054720166, ISBN13: 9789054720164. 


16 Types

Recently we found the following website which may interest you:

As well as giving a good description of MBTI and the temperaments, this website also contains an interesting link between MBTI and how people behave and influence each other.